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Wrestling Revolution 3D APK Free Download - Experience the Thrill of Wrestling on Your Phone!

Wrestling Revolution 3D: A Review of the Best Mobile Wrestling Game

If you are a fan of pro wrestling, you might have played some of the popular wrestling games on consoles or PC. But what if you want to enjoy some wrestling action on your mobile device? Well, look no further than Wrestling Revolution 3D, the best mobile wrestling game ever made. In this article, we will review Wrestling Revolution 3D, its features, tips and tricks, and how to download it for free.


What is Wrestling Revolution 3D?

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a wrestling game developed by MDickie, an independent game developer who is well-known for his simulators of everyday life in jail, school, and the music industry. Wrestling Revolution 3D was released in 2014 and has since been downloaded over 60 million times on Google Play Store. It is the first 3D wrestling game on mobile devices and it features both aspects of the wrestling business: in-ring action and backstage booking.

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Why should you play Wrestling Revolution 3D?

Wrestling Revolution 3D is not just another wrestling game. It is a wrestling simulator that lets you experience the life of a wrestler or a booker in a realistic and immersive way. You can create your own star and immerse yourself in a world of over 300 others across 9 different promotions, riding the waves of change from one week to the next in an endless schedule of possibilities. You can also create your own matches and characters, using a comprehensive editor that allows you to save your changes and pit them against each other in dream matches of your own creation. And if you are feeling creative, you can even mod the game by changing the textures and sound files, as the game exposes them for easy access.

Wrestling Revolution 3D is also a fun and entertaining game that recalls the genre's 64-bit heyday, with a freestyle animation system that means anything could happen at any moment. The visuals may be behind the times, but the content is ahead of its time, filling the arena with as many wrestlers and interactive weapons as you can handle. The game also has a unique touch-screen concept that has been specially adapted for controllers to make the action multiplayer for the first time. You can play with your friends on the same device or online, using different camera angles and modes.

Features of Wrestling Revolution 3D

Over 300 wrestlers in 9 different promotions

One of the most impressive features of Wrestling Revolution 3D is the huge roster of wrestlers that you can choose from or compete against. The game has over 300 characters spread across 9 different promotions, each with their own style, personality, and moveset. You will recognize many of them as parodies or tributes to popular wrestlers from real-life companies such as WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH, TNA, ECW, WCW, and more. You can also edit their names, appearances, stats, and moves to suit your preferences.

Different arenas and ring shapes

Another feature that sets Wrestling Revolution 3D apart from other wrestling games is the variety of arenas and ring shapes that you can fight in. The game has different venues such as a gym, a bar, a prison, a circus, a beach, and more. The game also has different ring shapes such as square, hexagon, octagon, and even a sumo ring. Each arena and ring shape has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can use the environment to your advantage or disadvantage. For example, you can use the ropes to bounce off, the turnbuckles to climb, the weapons to hit, the cages to escape, the tables to break, and more.

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Unique animation system and camera angles

Wrestling Revolution 3D also boasts a unique animation system that makes the game unpredictable and exciting. The game does not use preset animations for each move, but rather a freestyle system that allows the wrestlers to react dynamically to each situation. This means that anything can happen at any moment, such as reversals, counters, botches, injuries, knockouts, submissions, and more. The game also has different camera angles and modes that you can switch between to get the best view of the action. You can choose from a fixed camera, a dynamic camera, a first-person camera, a third-person camera, or even a referee camera.

Create your own matches and characters

Wrestling Revolution 3D also gives you the freedom to create your own matches and characters using a comprehensive editor. You can customize every aspect of your match, such as the rules, the time limit, the number of participants, the stipulations, the weapons, and more. You can also create your own characters from scratch or edit existing ones. You can change their names, appearances, stats, movesets, outfits, entrances, alliances, contracts, and more. You can save your creations and use them in any mode of the game.

Play as a wrestler or a booker

Wrestling Revolution 3D also lets you choose between two different modes of play: wrestler or booker. In wrestler mode, you can play as any character in the game and follow their career from rookie to legend. You can compete in matches, win titles, form alliances, feud with rivals, get injured, heal up, negotiate contracts, and more. In booker mode, you can play as the boss of any promotion in the game and control every aspect of the wrestling business. You can hire and fire wrestlers, book matches and events, manage finances and ratings, deal with backstage politics and scandals, and more.

Tips and Tricks for Wrestling Revolution 3D

Make the game go faster

If you find the game too slow or laggy on your device, you can make it go faster by changing some settings in the options menu. You can lower the graphics quality, [assistant](#message) reduce the crowd size, turn off shadows, disable blood, and adjust the speed slider. These changes will make the game run smoother and faster on your device.

Master the game's controls

The game's controls may seem complicated at first, but they are actually easy to master once you get used to them. The game uses touch-screen gestures for most actions, such as tapping to punch, swiping to run, pinching to grapple, and spreading to taunt. You can also use buttons for some actions, such as A for attack, B for block, C for change target, and D for drop weapon. You can also customize the controls in the options menu and change their size, position, and transparency.

Go for a powerful wrestler

If you want to have an easier time winning matches, you should go for a powerful wrestler who has high stats in strength, toughness, skill, and stamina. These stats determine how much damage you can deal and take, how well you can perform moves, and how long you can last in a match. You can check the stats of any wrestler in the roster menu or in the character editor. You can also improve your stats by going through the training phase before each match.

Give your wrestler moves he/she can easily pull off

If you want to have an advantage over your opponents, you should give your wrestler moves that he/she can easily pull off without getting reversed or countered. You should avoid giving your wrestler moves that are too complex or risky, such as aerial moves, submission holds, or finishers. These moves take longer to execute and give your opponent more time to react. You should also avoid giving your wrestler moves that are too weak or common, such as punches, kicks, or headlocks. These moves do little damage and are easily blocked or escaped.

Go through the training phase to improve your stats

If you want to improve your stats and become a better wrestler, you should go through the training phase before each match. The training phase is a mini-game that tests your skills in different areas, such as striking, grappling, running, and jumping. You can earn points by performing well in each area, and use those points to increase your stats. You can also unlock new moves and outfits by completing certain challenges in the training phase. The training phase is optional, but it is highly recommended if you want to improve your performance in the game.

How to download Wrestling Revolution 3D

Download link for Android devices

If you want to download Wrestling Revolution 3D for your Android device, you can do so by following these steps:

Go to the Google Play Store and search for Wrestling Revolution 3D or click on this


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