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Milk Inc: A Belgian Dance Music Group That Will Make You Move

If you are a fan of dance music, you may have heard of Milk Inc, a Belgian dance music group that has been making waves in the European dance scene since 1995. Milk Inc is known for their catchy tunes, emotional lyrics, and energetic live shows. They have released seven studio albums and 41 singles, many of which have charted in various countries. They have also won numerous awards and accolades for their music and performances.

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Milk Inc, including their history, members, discography, style, popularity, live shows, and how to download their songs and albums legally and ethically. Whether you are already a fan of Milk Inc or just curious about them, we hope this article will inspire you to explore their music and enjoy their beats.

Who are Milk Inc?

Milk Inc is a dance music group that formed in the commercial dance scene in Belgium in 1995. The group consists of a core of producers and a rotating cast of female vocalists. The current members are Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren, Linda Mertens, and Ivo Donckers. The group started out as "Milk Incorporated" (La Vache for French-language releases), later shortening their name to "Milk Inc". In 2014, the group went on hiatus for an undetermined period.

The history of Milk Inc

Milk Inc was founded in the mid-nineties as a studio-project by house producers Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren, and Ivo Donckers (with vocals by Karine Boelaerts). The group released their first hit single "La Vache" in April 1997, which became a huge success in Belgium and France. The group then recruited Ann Vervoort as their new vocalist and released their debut album Apocalyps Cow in 1998.

In 2000, the group released their second album Land Of The Living, which featured the hit singles "Walk On Water", "Land Of The Living", and "Never Again". The album was also released in the UK under the name Milk Inc. In 2001, Ann Vervoort left the group and was replaced by Linda Mertens. The group then released their third album Closer in 2003, which included the songs "Breathe Without You", "The Sun Always Shines On TV", and "I Don't Care".

In 2006, the group celebrated their 10th anniversary with a two-hour live concert at the Sportpaleis Arena in Belgium. They also released their fourth album Supersized, which contained the tracks "Run", "No Angel", "Tainted Love", and "Go To Hell". In 2007, the group released their fifth album Forever, which featured the singles "Tonight", "Forever", "Race", and "Blind". In 2008, the group broke the record for the number of TMF Awards in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a total of 17 awards received.

In 2011, the group released their sixth album Nomansland, which included the songs "Fire", "Chasing The Wind", "Shadow", and "Storm". In 2013, the group released their seventh album Undercover, which contained covers of songs such as "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Maniac", and "Wicked Game". In 2014, the group announced that they were taking a break from the music industry for an undetermined period, citing personal reasons and health issues.

The members of Milk Inc

Milk Inc has had several female vocalists over the years, each bringing their own style and personality to the group. The current vocalist is Linda Mertens, who joined the group in 2001. She is known for her powerful voice, blonde hair, and charismatic stage presence. She has also released some solo singles, such as "Reckless" and "Heartstrings".

The core of Milk Inc is composed of three producers: Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren, and Ivo Donckers. Regi Penxten is the main composer and producer of the group, as well as a DJ and a judge on various talent shows. He has also released several solo albums and singles, such as "Registrated", "In The Mix", and "Where Did You Go". Filip Vandueren is the co-producer and keyboardist of the group, as well as a sound engineer and a remix artist. He has also worked with other artists, such as Sylver, Lasgo, and Ian Van Dahl. Ivo Donckers is the drummer and percussionist of the group, as well as a live sound engineer and a studio technician. He has also played with other bands, such as Praga Khan, Lords Of Acid, and 2 Fabiola.

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The discography of Milk Inc

Milk Inc has released seven studio albums and 41 singles since their debut in 1997. Their albums are:

  • Apocalyps Cow (1998)

  • Land Of The Living (2000)

  • Closer (2003)

  • Supersized (2006)

  • Forever (2007)

  • Nomansland (2011)

  • Undercover (2013)

Their singles are:

YearTitlePeak chart positions

1997"La Vache"BEL: 16FRA: 5NED: 25

1998"Free Your Mind"BEL: 21FRA: 19NED: 64

1998"Inside Of Me"BEL: 20FRA: 22NED: 75

1999"In My Eyes"BEL: 2FRA: 15NED: 11UK: 9

1999"Lose Control"BEL: 4FRA: 13NED: 14UK: 16

2000"Walk On Water"BEL: 1FRA: 17NED: 6UK: 10

2000"Land Of The Living"BEL: 2FRA: 28NED: 10UK: 18

2001"Never Again"BEL: 2FRA: 38NED: 12UK: 35

2001"Livin' A Lie"BEL: 4FRA: -NED: -UK: -

2002"Wide Awake"BEL: -FRA: -NED: -UK: -

2002"Sleepwalker" BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 18UK: -

2003"Breathe Without You"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 13UK: -

2003"The Sun Always Shines On TV"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 8UK: 10

2004"I Don't Care"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 12UK: -

2004"Whisper"BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 15UK: -

2005"Blind"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 9UK: -

2006"Run"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 7UK: -

2006"No Angel"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 11UK: -

2006"Tainted Love"BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 14UK: -

2006"Go To Hell"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 12UK: -

2007"Tonight"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 8UK: -

2007"Forever"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 5UK: -

2008"Race"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 9UK: -

2008"Guilty"BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 13UK: -

2009"Blackout"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 6UK: -

2010"Storm"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 7UK: -

2010"Fire"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 10UK: -

2010"Chasing The Wind"BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 14UK: -

2011"Shadow"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 11UK: -

2012"Miracle"BEL: 1FRA: -NED: 8UK: -

2013"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"BEL: 2FRA: -NED: 12UK: -

2013"Sweet Child O' Mine"BEL: 3FRA: -NED: 15UK: -

2013"Wicked Game"BEL: 4FRA: -NED: 17UK: -

2014"La Vache 2013"BEL: -FRA: -NED: -UK: -

Why should you listen to Milk Inc?

Milk Inc is not just another dance music group. They have a unique sound and style that sets them apart from other artists in the genre. Here are some reasons


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