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Symphonic Orchestra Torrent Mac _TOP_

Presonus Symphonic Orchestra is more than just another sample library. It combines a complete symphonic orchestra instrument library with ready-to-use Studio One Musicloops for lightning-fast arranging and production in an attractively-priced bundle. The instruments not only comprise a full symphony orchestra, but also a contemporary strings library that has a different ambient character to choose from. More than 1,200 Musicloops allow for creating full arrangements on the fly while retaining complete control over tempo, key, chords and sound character. Tight integration with Studio One makes production work fun again.

Symphonic Orchestra Torrent Mac


CineSymphony Lite is a lightweight orchestral library, ideal for sketching out a composition. This collection contains Ensemble patches for Brass, Winds, Strings, and Percussion, from our CineSymphony libraries, recorded at the world-famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles by industry veteran Dennis Sands.CineSymphony Lite provides students and professional composers with a solid starting foundation in their music scoring palette.

CineSymphony LITE is revolutionary in its simplicity and ability to recreate the sound of the orchestra. The library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film community during its development. It was specifically designed to be a composer's sketch or travel kit, but also a learning kit for beginners. The result is a library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, and sounds professionally mixed right out of the box without being too demanding on hardware.

While the aim of CineSymphony LITE is to give you a fully playable orchestra in a small set, to truly be able to program samples properly, it is highly recommended that you invest further in the CineSymphony line to get more articulations like harmonics, staccatos, legatos, mutes, trills, etc. The LITE percussion patches provided are just a fraction of what our full line can offer.

iSymphonic Orchestra was designed as professional virtual orchestra sound app for your iPad and iPhone,with the goal to deliver you superb,extremely realistic and stunning orchestra sounds, both for your live performances, as well as a boostof creativity while composing new songs anywhere.

iSymphonic Orchestra was designed as intuitive iOS app for your Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.Simply connect your external MIDI keyboard with your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and enjoy playingworld-class orchestra sounds. Even though iSymphonic Orchestra allowsconfiguring various aspects, there is no configuration whatsoeverrequired though to use and play it immediately.

iSymphonic Orchestra includes Hermode Tuning, which is a dynamic tuning algorithmmaking the sound even more brilliant by automatically controlling the pitch of the notes slightlyand gently in multivoiced music in real-time, for achieving better frequency ratios than withfixed tuning. This dynamic tuning algorithm imitates the tuning behavior of welleducated, professional musicians of i.e. orchestras and choirs. You can enable and disableHermode Tuning at any time and you can fine tune the impact of its frequencycorrections.

Symphonic Shadows contains over 7,100 aleatoric FX samples spread out over string, brass, and woodwind ensembles. The effects have a wild, gritty, and organic quality and are designed to sit well with any orchestral library. The patch banks come in many descriptive categories, such as agitated, bends, bursts, clusters, dystopic, erratic, evolving, fierce, frantic, fury, kinetic, mayhem, panic, pulse, savage, scatter, and shocked, to name a few.

Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 is the antithesis of this movement. It was designed from the beginning to be a library created and centered not around Hollywood - or even the traditional orchestra - but a celebration of the diversity of musical instruments and the people who play them; students, teachers, musicologists, and collectors- performing on everything from modern professional instruments to rare antiques.

This list gathers some great options regarding orchestral VST plugins and Kontakt libraries available in 2023. Most are paid, but some freeware options can get you started in orchestral arrangement.

Spitfire Audio is an excellent software developer when it comes to orchestral sounds. Attention to detail is always satisfying, and this is definitely a must when it comes to cinematic plugins.

Vienna Symphonic Library offers a variety of orchestral-oriented sample libraries with outstanding quality and diversity. Synchron Pianos Bundle is focused on iconic and great-sounding grand pianos. It is based on the Synchron Player Engine, designed to deal with multiple microphones being recorded simultaneously and efficiently.

Berlin Woodwinds consists of instruments like flute and clarinet, which can contribute to a colorful and rich sound spectrum in an orchestral production. All instruments were recorded with extreme care and attention to detail, making your track stand out and be as realistic as possible.

Miroslav Philarmonik 2 is a ground-breaking vision from a master artist incorporated into a brand new virtual instrument that can help you with any orchestral arrangements. All instruments were performed with the best musicians possible to ensure the overall quality.

Aside from the excellent quality of each sample, Miroslav Philarmonik 2 is a tremendous symphonic tool because of its interface. Of course, you can run it in standalone mode, but the thing is that every tweak you make resembles a lot of the workflow in an authentic DAW.

While it is really easy to get a production-ready sound for film scoring, this collection struggles with getting a regular orchestral sound as the sound in general in both solo and ensemble, is so full of reverb even without the convolution reverb effect.

While this problem can be overcome, it does require a fair amount of tweaking and elbow grease to do so. All in all, SSW has the tools, versatility, and quality to compete in the professional orchestral woodwind library samples and should be considered.

This orchestral library is intended to be used with the SINE Player, a free virtual instrument plugin provided by the same company, Orchestral Tools.

This is not a must-have if you already own a decent orchestral library. Although it can be a welcoming experience for newcomers starting to venture into the scoring world, Layers may lack some of the main controls and adjustments so essential to make the best out of an ensemble sound. If you look for simplicity, though, this is a great choice to try a good-quality library and get good sounds as soon as you run it for the first time.

Orchestral Suite brings more than 60 orchestral instruments in one beautiful packaging, including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussions, a complete choir, cathedral organ, classical guitar, harpsichord, and many more.

Every single sample was meticulously recorded and edited, so the maximum depth and playability would be translated into this library. As a result, this accessible world-class symphonic tool captures all nuances and articulations that each instrument is known for but right at your fingertips.

This excellent library comprises an entire orchestra with masterful controls and convincing MIDI capabilities. Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra is indeed worthy of its name, showcasing superb sound quality and a very nice instrument variety that should get you ready for any symphonic work.

Its drum head resonance simulation and an array of articulations offer a realistic performance, and the vast amount of instruments, both orchestral and exotic, provide composers with the versatility to work for any genre.

Just taking the orchestral drums into account is enough to consider purchasing this library. You can tell a lot of love and care was put into the making of this collection. Sadly, not all the instruments were sampled with the same care and detail.

This might be the best choice for an orchestral percussion sample library. While other plugins and libraries might include some percussive instruments, Orchestral Percussion X3M goes deeper than that and allow users to tweak the best possible sound that could come out of any percussion.

From snares to surdos, booms to bucket sounds, Hans Zimmer Percussion brings an extensive selection of the best orchestral percussion to make your track sound better than ever.

The PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra is something of a secret weapon over at With over 14 gigs of samples and musicloops, it combines a complete symphonic orchestra instrument library with ready-to-use Studio One Musicloops for lightning-fast arranging and production. The instruments not only comprise a full symphony orchestra, but also a contemporary strings library. More than 1,200 Musicloops allow for creating full arrangements on the fly while retaining complete control over tempo, key, chords and sound character.

The Orchestra Essentials is your fast track to orchestral composing. It comes with a carefully selected curation of instruments from The Orchestra, Strings of Winter, and Horns of Hell and is powered by our groundbreaking ensemble-engine. Take your first orchestral steps and create amazing music in no time! 350c69d7ab


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